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The Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy (Dr med W. H. Schuessler) Short-term Diploma Course “Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy (incorporating Facial Diagnostics)” presented by Institute of Biochemic Medicine (Asia Pacific) (in association with the Biochemischer Bund Deutschland – German Association of Biochemistry founded in 1885) IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE EU INSTITUTE OF BIOCHEMISTRY By correspondence (Distance Learning) or full time study (4 day-intensive-courses).

A short non clinical and interactive course providing a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the Biochemic system of medicine by (Dr med W.H. Schuessler) founder of Biochemistry and the Biochemic system of Medicine. The course covers the fundamentals of Biochemistry accorded to Dr. Schuessler, dealing individually with each of the 12 mineral salts, from the perspective of the signs and symptoms of deficiencies, patient history, the use of and the art of facial diagnostics, diagnostics generally, treatments, prescriptions, doses, and in the important aspect of detecting why there are deficiencies of these essential elements. By use of these methods applied to the proven science of Biochemic Therapy, seeks to teach the student how to treat the cause rather than the signs and symptoms of the disease. Further, the course deals with the Physiological aspect of these elements in their, Structural, Electrochemical, Metabolic, Catalytic and miscellaneous roles. The mineral salts as Cation and Anion pairs, absorption and assimilation, the value of the Arndt Schultz Law in considering the prescription. The role and effects of the mineral salts in the process of Osmosis, and how this can positively affect the absorption and assimilation of both Homoeopathic , Allopathic, and alternative therapeutic treatments.

The course is open to all Health professional and lay persons, wishing to increase their knowledge of this fascinating but natural and scientifically proven method of healing.

Dates and locations of full time workshops of 4 day duration are listed under workshops, courses and international clinic schedule. The course is also available as a distance Learning course world wide - further information may be obtained by contacting The Institute of Biochemic Medicine - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The course is divided into four parts, designed to be accomplished at a “self learning pace” in 6 months, is forwarded as a complete unit, each mineral individually described, including signs and symptoms, common indications, contraindications, treatments, prescription information, facial diagnostics and repertory. The package includes: General course study material – three assessment papers, and the following publications:

– Magnesium an Essential Element of life (Magnesium Phosphate) (Dr. A. Sutton)
- Facial diagnostics an introduction to the biochemic healing method of Dr. Schuessler by Peter Emmrich (MD)
- Schuessler Tissue Salts 12 minerals for your health (Guenther Heepen)

The final assessment will be made by the submission of three progress papers during the term of the course and a final written examination.

Certificate will be awarded as “Diploma – Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy”
The course is approved and accredited by the following organisations.

– The Biochemischer Bund Deutschland (eV) (German Association of Biochemistry) - The European Association of Biochemistry.
– Australian Traditional Medicine Society
(Australian Students on successful completion of final examination of this course, either by distance learning or full time study are awarded 20 CPE points.)

Course Costings:
Distance learning, fully supported courses of 6 months duration A$ 700.00
(Extensions may be granted)
Full time (three day intensive courses) A$ 700 per student.
(minimum numbers apply) 

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